SharePoint Site Data Reports v.2.0

I completely revamped the user control, because it did not look all that awesome.  I changed it to a TreeView and dumped all the table junk.  I categorized a lot of stuff too, so that it looks a lot prettier and cleaner.  I also changed the file to include all the code and markup in a single file, so there is no longer a second page for code behind.  I am going to upload a Windows Application tonight (pending no memory lapses), so that you guys can play around with the Windows Application I created for Site Creations, Alert Creations, AD User and Group Additions, and List/Library Creations in bulk.  It's a nifty little application that could also use some work.  I will probably work on it within the next few weeks if I have the time (which I usually don't do to book, bridesmaid dress trying on, Passover, Coders4Charity, etc...)  Anyway, here is the link for the Site Data Reports:

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