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I will be speaking at SPS Saturday Tulsa on March 28th (http://www.schoolofdev.com) about Dazzling SharePoint with Silverlight.  I will also be speaking at the St. Louis MOSS Camp on April 18th (http://www.stlsug.org/MOSSCamp/default.aspx).  I have three sessions at the SSWUG.org SharePoint Virtual Conference on April 22, 23, and 24th (http://www.vconferenceonline.com/shows/spring09/sharepoint/).  If you want a special code to get a discount let me know I can knock $10 off I believe with my speaker code.
In between all these events I will be taking some time out to celebrate Passover in Fort Lauderdale on the 8th of April. I will probably be in St. Louis early on in April to visit with my grandfather. There is an award at Washington University that my great grandfather started. I've always wanted to see what it was about. So the month of April is pretty jam packed with family and work and community stuff. Coders 4 Charity is also around the end of April, so pretty much booked for April. The number one most important thing I am doing the first weekend of April is going shopping with my best friend. If I had to skip out on everything else I would not skip on that. I am pretty excited. Anyway, that's pretty much the plans...If I see any of you at an event say hi and come up and chat for a few minutes. Time to head out for a movie have a good weekend everyone.

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